Zenstream Art Adventures

Nature Art Adventure - Chayaphum

Explore nature in a botanical paradise. Sketch and paint the many species of trees, fruits, flowers, and plants. Enjoy the coffee grown and ground right on the orchard. Lets go figure drawing....Elephants!

Head up to one of the plataues for panoramic views of forests and fields ready to paint plein-air. Tour an art gallery and get inspired with artwork from top Thai and International Artists. Then move in to the galleries botanical garden and sketch, paint, photograph or just relax.

Experience the unspoiled landscapes, flora, fauna, and temples of Central Thailand and its friendly people. This will not only leave you with genuine experiences of Thailand but also with enough sketches, photos, and, memories to paint for a long time to come.
Chayaphum Art Adventures will be tailored to individual or group interests and may include
  • Accomodations in a Nature Villa with botanical garden
  • Orchard tour painting/sketching many different species of flowers and trees
  • Nature Gallery tour and painting/sketching flora in the galleries garden
  • Figure studies of people and animals
  • Plein-air landscapes atop mountain plateau
  • Demonstrations and Workshops
  • One on one tips, tricks, and instruction
  • Villa Accommodations
  • Transportation to and from venues
  • Authentic Thai meals

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