The Creative Brain

Cam Wilson


Inspired by my uncle John Wilson, an artist and illustrator who would always give me art supplies for Christmas, I began drawing at a young age. In grade six I became a professional artist of sorts by selling my classmates drawings of hockey goalies for the princely sum of 25 cents. Later on I graduated from The Alberta College of Art in Calgary, Canada. Then went on to do courtroom sketches for a television station and Art Direction for an Ad Agency before freelancing as a Designer and Illustrator. Clients I have worked with include Purdue University Alumni, Temple University, American Motor Association, American Psychiatric Association, National Geographic Kids, Hockey Canada, and others. My watercolours on the fine art side are a journey from my Country Canada to the other side of the world in Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand where I have roamed, photographed, sketched, and painted for many years. The west coast of Canada is also the focus of many of my seascapes and landscapes.

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